Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First blog...

Excuse my ignorance as I am not a blogger. :-/ Honestly, I wouldn't even consider myself a writer as I have very little regard for the English language when I am "thinking", so guys please don't beat me up too bad.

So tonight, I just happened to be thinking while laying up on my couch. Wait a sec! You guys don't even know me... Lol let me introduce myself. <--- See I was about to get a head of myself. Smh

A little background. I'm from a small town, now living in a big city. I'm a single mother of two daughters. I'm an Aquarius, I'm sure that may explain a lot. I'm single and waiting for the type of love that we see in movies, read in novels and hear about in these songs :-/ (I wish he would hurry up). I'm a lover... I try to do good by people despite other people's intentions, I'm sure you can imagine how that normally plays out. I'm a young lady, an African American woman and believer in all things beautiful, positive and for the betterment of people. My blog might seem like a rant at times but its a way for me to document my thoughts.

So just thinking tonight on my couch... I started to wonder why I had so many thoughts or ways I wanted to better myself but I couldn't pin point exactly what it was that was holding me back. Most people are afraid of failing. I don't think that's my case because I would say I'm pretty good at that. I tend to be, like most, a little lazy. I allow myself to get overwhelmed by all the demands of my life that  I tend to try to avoid any added responsibilities. I'm so used to supporting others and helping others accomplish their dreams that I'm not sure how to pinpoint my own or accomplish them. Well that was until I fell in love for the first time. Love truly changes things. My life never made more sense. It never seemed so clear and concise and I never wanted to accomplish more than when I was madly in love.

So as I sit on my couch tonight, I wonder if I will ever be able to truly achieve my goals without his love? Or if my potential will forever stay housed in me dying to be freed???